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Bob Dylan and Donald Trump

I’m writing this on the day when Donald Trump won the race to be the next president of the United States of America. It’s been called the biggest political upset in American history.

Back in 1964 Bob Dylan wrote the song , “The times they are a-changing.” They certainly are! Recently Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He declined the prize and refused to acknowledge its existence. The Swedish Academy who award this prize , appear to be losing their patience, one member of the academy has called Bob Dylan’s behaviour, “impolite and arrogant.”

I don’t know why Dylan has refused to acknowledge the prize. I do know, however, that his example does me good. We like to be noticed and appreciated. This isn’t wrong, God made us in such a way that we need encouragement. The problem comes when we begin to live for the approval of people rather than the approval of God. (Matthew 6:1)

Whose approval do we crave? It’s easy to get this wrong. Human approval is nice, but what really counts is God’s approval.



The other day I was listening to a podcast from Willow Creek Church and the preacher said something really challenging: “ If you want a report card on your faith, see how you’re loving the people you disagree with the most!”

The apostle Paul says, “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Gal. 5:6

Every time you love people extravagantly, it’s like a declaration of faith.

A pastor once preached a sermon and in the congregation was the famous preacher and writer , John Stott. After the sermon, he approached Stott and asked him for some feedback on the sermon. John Stott said he could not do that. Later on he explained,

“If the preacher had asked him to evaluate before he preached, he would have.

He had listened as a disciple, not a critic.

That’s the attitude I want to cultivate when I hear others preach.

When I worship with the church family.

When I work alongside others.

I want to hunger and thirst for the gospel.

There’s a time to evaluate, and there’s a time to grow and receive grace.


Most of us are not used to talking about our sins and failures, yet that’s what I want to talk about in this first blog.

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