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Recorded Sermons

Recorded sermons are available as streaming audio and download from the links below via SoundCloud.

Sermons from the past 3 months are listed below. Go to our
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Easter Sunday

Luke 24

“Did Jesus really defeat death?"

We meet together as a church family to celebrate Easter together. And we have a very important question to study and that is “Did Jesus really defeat death?” The resurrection of Jesus is the single most important thing that has ever happened in history of the world. The world will tell you a very different story, one of no resurrection, one of no hope, one of no future. Where are you on this road of recognition of God’s love for us and the salvation and hope we have in him?

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Palm Sunday

Luke 19:28-44

This week on Palm Sunday, we look into the verses from Luke 19 about Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 11

Psalm 119

“The Wonder of God's Word"

In our final sermon on this series we look at Psalm 119. God is like a SAT NAV he guides us to our destination. The Word of God brings Joy, it offers us guidance and brings us hope.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 10

Psalm 103

“Praise to the Lord"

This psalm can be summed up in one word, PRAISE; Personal Praise to the Lord, National Praise to the Lord and Universal Praise to the Lord.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 9

Psalm 90

“The Secret of Life"

In today’s sermon, our focus shifts onto the oldest Psalm in the Bible. This Psalm is known to explain ‘the secret of life.’ Through this Psalm, we learn and acknowledge that we are travellers and God is our home, we are learners and life is our school, and we are believers and the future is our friend.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 8

Psalm 63 verses 1- 11

David walks with God through the storm on the cross. The four main points are thirsting with God, praising with God, remembering God and rejoicing with God.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 7

Psalm 51

“How much sin will God forgive?"

This psalm is about how God forgave David after a terrible sin. The four main points are forgiving me, cleanse me, restore me and use me. This is how much God forgives our sins.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 6

Psalm 46

“A Red Letter Psalm"

We're now at week six in this series on Psalms. This week we read Psalm 46 and the verses where it was brought forth from in 2 Kings Chapters 18 – 19. In this Psalm we are reminded that no matter the trials and tribulations, the Lord our God is our eternal refuge and strength, our river of joy and our source of peace.

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Guest Speaker

Mark Chapter 2 verse 1 17
“The Parable of the Paralysed Man”

We welcome Dr Sandy Rodgers to this weeks service. We are studying the famous parable of the paralysed man and see what conclusions we can take from it through our Christian lives.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 5

Psalm 29

“We need to achieve this unchanging mission"

It's week five of our series on the Psalms. Today we look at Psalm 29. David’s Psalm describes the power of God’s word as like a storm or fire. And as we actively read and meditate on the Bible the Lord can have a powerful effect on or lives too.

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Anthony Weld-Forrest

Today we welcome Anthony to lead us in our service of worship.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 4

Psalm 23

“The Lord is my shepherd you cannot loose your relationship with God"

Today we looked at Psalm 23, one of the most famous psalms which offers great comfort and security in our Christian lives.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 3

Psalm 19

“God has spoken"

We reach week 3 on a new series on the book of Psalms. In Psalm 19 we see how God speaks to us through creation in all it timeless beauty and wonder but God also speaks to us through his Word and in this fallen world we look to the bible as a perfect hand book for life.

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