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Route 66

Route 66 is the name given to our fellowship meetings which meet at various times to suit different age groups in homes throughout the village. Over 70 folk meet every week for a time of study, fellowship, fun and support. The house groups continue to grow and provide a deep well of fellowship and prayer for our congregational life.

Study Groups

Questions for w/c 28th June 2021

The Fruits of the Spirit.

  1. Based on Sunday’s sermon we start with faithfulness. We sung the hymn,” Great is thy faithfulness.” Look up the promise in Lamentations 3:23. What is surprising about these words from the prophet Jeremiah?
  2. The Old Testament is full of wonderful stories that illustrate this segment of fruit, “faithfulness.” Look up 2 Samuel 15 and trace the fall of David and the rise of Absalom. Why is Ittai such a great example of faithfulness?
  3. Gentleness is another fruit of the Spirit. The King James version translates this as, “meekness.” Language changes over the years and gentleness seems more appropriate. When George Bush was inaugurated as the 43 rd president, he said his dream for America was that it would become a kinder gentler nation. That’s a great vision for any country, so why are we seeing anger instead of gentleness?
  4. Think about the life of Moses. Consider Numbers 12:3. What was the secret of his fruitful leadership?
  5. Can you think of examples of Jesus’ gentleness? Check out Matthew 11:29. What is the invitation that Jesus offers us?
  6. Finally, self-control. Look up Proverbs 25:28. In what ways is that an illustration of the life of Samson? His was a life of being out of control! He lost the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Can the same thing happen to us today?
  7. How can we live a life of self-control?
  8. During the vacancy it will be important to encourage each other by clearly demonstrating this fruit in our life. Remember that we see all of this perfectly displayed in the life of Jesus.

Questions for w/c 14th June 2021


  1. Is it possible to find the perfect church? What signs would you look for in a healthy church?
  2. Every translation of Galatians 5:22,23. Begins with the words: The fruit of the Spirit is. Not one translation starts with the words: The fruits of the Spirit are. Explain the difference.
  3. Can you describe the difference between the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit?
  4. John Stott calls the fruit of the Spirit, “Radically countercultural.” What do you think he means by that phrase?
  5. Reflect on the wonderful truth that God’s Holy Spirit is like a seed planted in your life.
  6. Which of the 9 fruit do you most recognise in your life and which fruit do you still struggle to see evidence of?
  7. Why do you think “LOVE” comes first in Paul’s list?
  8. Perhaps everyone in your small group could come up with a verse that talks about love and share a few words about what the verse means to you.
  9. What do you think C S Lewis meant when he said: Joy is the serious business of heaven?
  10. What are some of the most joy filled stories in the Gospels?
  11. What is the difference between joy and happiness?
  12. Jesus had a lot to say about peace on the night before the cross. See John 14:27. What does this teach us?
  13. Meditate on that lovely verse in Genesis 49:22. How can we be more fruitful?
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