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Tribute to Alex Macpherson

Retired 27th June 2021 after 24 years at Drymen and Buchanan Churches.

In January 1997, Alex Macpherson, then a young man with very dark hair and a moustache, arrived in Drymen from Cullen and Deskford with his wife, Ruth, and 4 young children, Andrew, David, Sarah and John. His call had been unanimous, and on 19th January he was preached in by Rev Dr Sandy Roger.

At that point, our churches were craving spiritual leadership. However, we soon realized that our prayers had been answered and that God had led us to the minister of His choice. Alex is a gifted bible-based preacher who has not shied away from challenging topics – Job and Revelation to name but 2. He spent a great deal of time in research for his sermons and his preaching combined humour, pathos and relevant anecdotes which, together with the use of modern technology, brought the bible to life in an animated and lively way. This led some people to make their commitment to our Lord and the more mature Christians to deepen their faith and knowledge of God’s word.

He was very amenable to change and encouraged his Session and members of the church family to take an active part in our worship – reading the bible passage, leading the prayer, delivering the children’s talk and even preaching in his absence. Soon after Alex was inducted, he led us to become a “church without walls” and instead of elders each having a ‘district’ to visit, he encouraged us to use our gifts to build up the church in different ways. Now there are many teams - pastoral, worship, prayer diary – to name but a few. Under Alex’ leadership and preaching the weekly attendance has doubled.

About 15 years ago, he headed up the “Time to Build” project to consider building an annex onto Drymen church to replace our ‘not fit for purpose’ church hall at the other end of the village. This was completed in 2011 and on Palm Sunday the congregation paraded from our temporary home at the Winnock Hotel, through the village to formally open the refurbished church and beautiful new Annex.

As already said, Alex is a gifted preacher but he also encouraged and emphasised the need for prayer and bible teaching. To this end, he set up our R66 House Groups which encourage prayer and Bible study as well as fellowship and mutual support. Alpha courses were also held with some of the attendees coming to faith and joining the church family. As a result of developing our faith, which made us more open to show God’s love to others, Alex encouraged us to look outward and every year Drymen Church family donated thousands of pounds to both national and overseas charities.

Alex was open to new initiatives – the ‘Drop-In’ Coffee mornings, church family lunches, film nights, ‘Holiday @ Home’ for the elderly, kids’ ‘Holiday Club’ and many others. He was supportive of the work of the teams who run these events, not afraid to join in with the activities. Alex also encouraged those with a heart and gifting for young folk to use these gifts to encourage young ones to make their commitment and to develop their faith.

The Session, Board and church family were very sad to see Alex go and he has left very big shoes to fill, but we wish him and Ruth God’s Blessing, peace and good health for a long and happy retirement. We thank him for his friendship and leadership over the last 24 years. He leaves a lasting legacy in Drymen and Buchanan Churches.

View Alex's presentation during his penultimate service on June 20th 2021.
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Away Day contemplation.

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Alex in his office.

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Alex' 60th Birthday

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Alex presentation with former Session Clerk, Wallace Cuthbertson.

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